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Self indulgence for the soul...

23rd July 2012


I met my boyfriend, Josh, in September last year.

He's a total babe, and also a mad keen traveller. On our first date he told me all about the overseas adventure he was planning for March the following year. It seemed like a million years away and I didn't really know if we'd still even be seeing each other then anyways, so I didn't think too much about it. March rolled around and we were very much still an item. I was devastated when he left. I turned into one of those weird girls who slept in their boyfriends T-shirts and listened to The Smiths on repeat and do nothing but talk about all the cool stuff we used to do. I was in a serious funk.

I was doing one of my favourite client's hair a few days after he had left, and she asked how I was doing. I confided in her that I was definitely struggling with him being away. She gave me some awesome advice about how to deal with the time apart. She suggested that I utilize the time to do everything that I wouldn't be able to do if he were here, be totally self indulgent and really look for things to do that were all about me.

Something that I have always longed for and never been able to achieve is to have gloriously long flowing hair.

Now, Josh is a pretty new age kinda guy, he definitely isn't one of those boys that would prefer if I have my hair a certain way - but I do remember having a conversation with him at one point and he mentioned that girls with really long hair kinda freak him out a little.

I've always had short hair since I was a wee thing, and no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to manage to get my hair beyond my collarbone. So, I made the decision. I was going to get hair extensions while he was away. I was going to cheer myself up with the gift of long hair. My gorgeous apprentice and in-salon hair extensions expert, Eliesha, took to work on my pathetic, mid length strands and turned them into bottecelli-esque, long flowing tendrils. I have to say... I was lovin' myself sick!

For the first time in my career I totally understood why some of my clients were so attached to their length. It was so rad to have long hair to swish around, I have to admit I was pretty tempted to never wear a shirt again and just wander around like a liberated flower child. It's quite incredible to think that within a few hours I had completely transformed my look, cheered myself up AND achieved a long term goal. Not bad for a days work, huh?

I find it amazing how a hair change can get you through an emotional crisis - whether it's chopping your hair off after a divorce, buying a beautiful wig after cancer treatment or giving yourself Rapunzel hair when your boyfriend goes overseas. Change can be daunting at times, but sometimes it's the surest way to change not just your look, but your outlook.

I got through the next few months happily distracting myself with my new hair until Joshua got back. Picking him up from the airport was quite nerve wracking. I was a little nervous about his reaction to my newly acquired long hair. Thankfully he wasn't freaked out by it, in fact he thought it was pretty flipping neat... I think I may even be curing him of his fear of long-haired girls!


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