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The Talented Wish Team

Holly Carson

Owner/Manager. Master Stylist. Devoted Bowie Fan.

2002 found Holly uninspired with university studies and desperately craving a creative outlet. This need for creative expression ultimately spurred her to quit uni and make the jump into a hairdressing career. Fast forward ten years, and Holly has worked for some of the hair industry leaders, had her work published in magazines, styled and created hair for bands and television. However for her, all these achievements are outshone by the opening of her own salon.

She finds constant inspiration from blogs, french/italian vogue magazines, red carpet award ceremonies, her staff, clients and the leading man in her life, David Bowie (face it, that dude has skills!). Cutting is where Holly’s heart (and expert skills) lie. From the moment her old boss – Benni Tognini – announced she was a stylist, she felt like she’d been bestowed a knighthood from the queen. In fact, we haven’t been able to pry the scissors out of Holly’s hands since.


Bec Rees

Senior Stylist. Razor Whiz. 80’s Music Video Enthusiast.

Bec is an amazingly talented and experienced stylist who joined the industry in 2003. She loves completely transforming a client's view of themselves with a uniquely flattering cut or colour and feels incredibly rewarded watching her lovely clients walk out of the salon with a new found confidence. Her inspiration is drawn from many different areas including fashion industry trends and then designing the hair to match the look. Our Bec is a talented men’s hair stylist, master at razor cutting and she’s a big fan of BIG hair with a penchant for watching 80's music clips!


Eliesha Burke

Emerging Stylist. Blonde Expert. Santa Believer... (until age 12).

Eliesha joined us 3 years ago as a school based apprentice and clients have just loved seeing her blossom into the amazing young stylist she is today. She says what drew her to our exciting industry were the amazing opportunities we have to travel the world, honing our skills along the way. Eliesha loves the challenge of creating beautiful colour work, particularly foiling, and blondes are her specialty. Her inspiration comes from ongoing attendance at hair shows and training seminars and she’s also a trained specialist in our fabulous Get Real hair extensions.

Danika Stuhmcke

Junior Stylist. Head Massage Maestro. Light & Tangy Crisp Fanatic.

Danika is the newest member to join the Wish Hair Studio family, starting as a school based apprentice. She’s always loved mucking around with friends’ and family's hair and this inspired her to now pursue it as a career. After watching the rest of the team create amazing cuts and colours, she can't wait to get her hands on her scissors and tint brush and join in! Danika loves being surrounded by so much passion for the industry she now loves and she’ll leave you purring after one of her amazing head massages!

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