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A few of my hair's favourite things...

I did a very naughty thing.

I totally over indulged on a very expensive swimsuit.

You may not think this is very naughty but I already had another, barely worn, very expensive swimsuit at home. I instantly felt guilty the moment I walked out of the store. The only way I could justify having two, stupidly expensive sets of swimmers was to vow that I would do a LOT of swimming this summer.

That shouldn‘t be a problem, right? I mean, we do live very close to one of the most gloriously adorned coast lines in the world. And we have a million gorgeous creeks, swimming holes and pools at our disposal. Buuutttt.. I flipping hate wetting my hair. I have bright copper hair - that fades the moment it hits chlorine AND I have a full head of tape extensions that take forever to style and are also prone to dreadlocking the moment they touch salt water. The decision was made - I was going to make my hair more swim friendly. Out came the extensions, on went the bleach. Goodbye copper. Heeelllllooooo Blonde.

Maintaining any hair colour over summer is always a struggle.

But I have narrowed it down to a few Must-Have items
to make sure my hair (and yours) will look its absolute best!

SP Silver Saver: A violet toned shampoo that neutralises yellow tones in blonde/grey hair. Used once a week in conjunction with your regular Shampoo and conditioner Silver Saver will banish the brassiness in blondes caused by UV rays. RRP $32

Wella Professionals Stay Brilliant: An amazingly clever styling product that not only preserves coloured hair it also adds shine and has a light hold factor. I love using this as my detangler, I spray it in, comb it through and style my hair. RRP $24

Tangle Teezer: I frigging love these things. They are the most perfect tool to use to detangle any hair type - wet or dry. It will detangle even the most stubborn knots without causing breakage. They come in a whole heap of rad colours and even come in a handy compact form to stash in your beach bag for after swims! RRP $29.95

SP Colour Saver range: I adore the scent of this range it smells so summery! Colour Saver continuously protects coloured hair, leaving it beautifully soft and nourished. Cleanse and condition your hair regularly and back it up with a once a week treatment and your hair will be in tip top condition and your colour will remain super vibrant. RRP from $32

And lastly.. For those naughty blondes that like to push their hair to it’s limits (as I have)...

Repair Range will be your bestie this summer. Packed full of proteins to keep your hair super strong and ready to face all the abuse you’re going to give it this summer. RRP From $32



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