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How does your hair shape you?


I had a major meltdown last week. Like, a HUGE one.

I was doing my hair and I spotted something sinister and fear-inducing... I found a grey hair!

The ramifications of this was incredible. It sent me into a total tail spin! For years I’ve been convincing myself that I am still only 19, not yet a grown up. The discovery of this nasty little colourless strand really freaked me out! It made my head go to all kinds of silly places... I started worry that I was being left on the shelf, that I hadn’t travelled as much as I wanted to, that I hadn’t done as much with my life as I always thought I would, that I was now old and all my windows of opportunity had closed (I didn’t over-react... much).

Amongst my ridiculous hysteria over the grey hair, it made me have a wee think about how much our hair really does shape who we are, our personalities and the way we think about ourselves...

Recently we started the process of taking my friend Claire from her signature shade of red to a pretty caramel blonde. There was much discussion about the change. We messaged each other a thousand times with a million different ideas about what we’d like the end result to be. And then once it was decided we did a marathon day of colour and created a really gorgeous caramel blonde for her. It was beautiful but just SO different from the reds and coppers we normally do on her. At first she loved it and then after a couple of weeks I checked to see how she was doing with the new 'do and she admitted that she just wasn’t feeling it... It just wasn’t “her”. She mentioned to me that she felt like she’d lost part of her personality with her hair colour. So, we began the mission back to red. The moment we washed off the colour she immediately felt like herself again.

I think hair is such an integral part of  who we are, whether you love your hair loud and out there, or chic and conservative - there’s just no point wearing a hairstyle if you can’t wear it with confidence. I know for sure that I am DEFINTELY going to be colouring my hair until I’m 96. There will be NO “embracing the grey”... Imagine how much I would freak out if I found more than one grey hair!!

Ever had an emotional response to a hairstyle?
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